The Agoda Price Freeze Guarantee: More Like a Price ‘Fleece’ Guarantee

Jackie M
6 min readMay 3, 2023

aka An 8-Step Guide to Stealing $38.29 from Jackie M.

If you’ve ever tried to book accommodation online, you’ll almost certainly have heard of Agoda. Their prices are often among the cheapest anywhere.

I’ve booked with them a few times with no problems. Heck, I even have a Gold VIP status on my Agoda account to show for it.

Yours truly, $38.29 poorer

Last week, I tried to arrange accommodation for my next Kuala Lumpur trip (spoiler alert — it’s to do with The Durian Cookbook!!).

The price displayed for the property varied by a few bucks across all the usual travel booking platforms.

Agoda’s was the cheapest, at AUD$79.25.

Now, I’d usually just go ahead and book it, but I was drawn to this text above the listing (I’m paraphrasing) — “Price Freeze Guarantee — Lock in this Price Now!”

Well now, shiny new object alert — tell me more!

(Agoda’s relatively recent press release about this feature — )

In a nutshell, instead of fully committing to your booking now, you can

  1. Pay a small deposit