Singapore Ranked #1 For Best Street Food; Singaporeans Beg To Differ

Jackie M
5 min readOct 25, 2019

Another week, another hilarious error of culinary judgement by people who clearly have no right to be paid for their food “expertise”.

We all remember the legendary “crispy rendang” episode of MasterChef UK, where the judges eliminated Malaysian contestant Zaleha Olpin because her chicken rendang skin wasn’t crispy (which is like giving your friendly Italian neighbourhood joint a one-star Google Review because their pepperoni pizza didn’t come smothered with curry sauce).

MasterChef UK’s Zaleha Olpin has the last laugh with her brilliantly-titled cookbook

And that time Australian cooking show Good Chef Bad Chef demonstrated how to cook a Malaysian nasi lemak (steamed coconut rice with sambal etc.) by cooking nasi goreng (fried rice).

I’ve never watched the show but I helpfully suggested at the time that they renamed it to Clueless Chef. What was especially amusing was seeing the Australian fans of the show defend the nasi goreng as just another “creative variation” of nasi lemak — which is like saying fish and chips are a creative variation of pizza (I don’t know why I have pizza on my mind this morning).

Good Chef/Bad Chef (Source: Facebook)

The latest pitchfork mob-inducing outrage involves a Top 50 list ranking the world’s best cities for street food.

The list was published by — my go-to source on all things culinary (not really — I’d never heard of them until today).

It ranks Singapore as the #1 city for street food — not just that, no Malaysian city even makes the list. At this stage I have to assume the author is some genius troll who knows how to rile up an entire country famous for our culinary pride.


We like to make fun of our southern neighbours, and they generally give as good as they take, but this time, even Singaporeans are somewhat perplexed by the award -

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