Scoot Airlines Lost My Luggage

Jackie M
8 min readOct 20, 2022

Today marks the 10th day since my luggage went missing courtesy of Scoot Airlines; here’s how things have played out for me so far.

Day One

We fly from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney via Scoot Airlines, with a 4-hour transit in Singapore. We arrive overnight only to find one of our pieces of check-in luggage is missing.

Now, the last time I lost luggage at Sydney Airport (flying Qantas or Virgin), it was delivered to my doorstep within less than a day, so I’m not particularly distressed or worried.

I file a report at the airport counter, where they take down my flight details, email address and phone number. They look up my tag number in their system and tell me they have managed to trace the bag.

It’s still in Singapore, and they will organise for it to be sent back on the next available flight. Yay!

They fill out a simple form and tell me -

  1. I should hear back that afternoon, and
  2. to expect to get my bag back within 24–48 hours

In the event the bag does not show up within 7 days, they say, I can fill out the baggage claim questionnaire on the back and send it off to to claim for compensation.

Contrary to what I’m told, I don’t hear back that afternoon.

Day Two

I receive a text message more than 24 hours later, telling me the same thing the guy over the counter at Sydney Airport had told me the day before -

Wait, I thought they had located it when I filed the report yesterday, and if anything it should have already been making its way to my home.

But, whatever, I figure that it’s still within the 48-hour window for my luggage to show up, so I refuse to panic.

In the meantime, we assess what was in that bag — basically,

  • my new running shoes bought in Malaysia
  • Noah’s new school shoes for his new school term, also bought in Malaysia
  • Noah’s new-ish swimming floatation device
  • all our house slippers and two pairs of Noah’s old shoes
  • all the adapters and cables for our phones/tablets
  • all my business receipts from our trip
  • all my toiletries
  • (edited to add —) Noah’s Lenovo active
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