Fake YouTube Copyright Claims — An Update

Original story — https://medium.com/@JackieM/how-i-deal-with-fake-youtube-copyright-claims-by-believe-music-b9cb9067fff9

Ever since I wrote about my experience with Believe Music’s fake copyright claims on my YouTube videos, I’ve had MANY of you reach out to me privately with your own stories. Intriguingly, while Believe had previously ignored all my attempts to communicate with them, they suddenly got back to me via email soon after I published my story. This was what they said —


Dear Mrs Jackie M,

We have been informed of a YouTube Content Id problem that affects your videos.

Do not hesitate to dispute a claim that you found invalid via your video manager. Our dedicated team is managing it daily. It’s a priority to us.

We also wanted to give you context on the reasons that led this situation.

Believe acts as distributor for artists and labels who have asserted to us full ownership and control of the music they submitted to us.

Some “artists” have managed to pass our control process.

Thanks to you, we have been alerted of the serious problem we had with this label. That is why we are not claiming any of your videos anymore.

We fixed the problem and removed all content of this label from YouTube.

Do not hesitate if you have further question or doubts.

Best regards,


In a nutshell, Believe has stopped trying to claim copyright (and revenue) on my content. And they are putting the blame on unscrupulous “artists” with whom they work, rather than on their own internal checks and balances.

Based on the stories I’ve since heard, they (and other such companies) are still aggressively pursuing the same strategy with other content creators, many of whom are frankly too afraid to challenge these claims.

I know from my own experience and from speaking with many of you, that A LOT of these claims are false. At worst, these companies are exploiting a loophole and fraudulently claiming revenue on content created by hardworking artists who are just trying to get a break(this could be your talented musician kid or your brother or sister, folks); at best, they lack the proper systems in place to ensure that they are not inadvertently breaking the law.

These companies need more comprehensive vetting processes with “artists” they sign on, they need to stop ignoring or rejecting legitimate challenges to their claims and YouTube needs to help put a stop to false DMCA takedown notices; as it stands, content creators are presumed guilty as evidenced by the wordings used in the copyright claims process.

Right now, I’m collating some of your stories, and I’ve reached out to some of you to discuss this further; I’ll be writing more in due course, so stay tuned.

If you want to get in touch with me with your own experience, please do so; you know how to reach me.

This needs to stop now.

Cook, TV presenter, food coach, Down Syndrome advocate, pot-stirrer extraordinaire https://JackieM.com.au | https://FoodFame.com.au | https://MalaysianChefs.com

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